Apr 15, 2009

Cannibal Cheerleader Camp (2008)

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When I requested a screener of Cannibal Cheerleader Camp, I didn’t realize it was only an 18 minute horror short. Shame on me for not doing my homework, but nonetheless, it retained the allure that drew me in from viewing the trailer.

Scene 1 starts out with a cute chick (a stripper) blazing up a joint in the bathroom stall while awaiting her turn on stage. She gets the call, and while gazing in the mirror, someone comes from behind and slices her throat.

Scene 2 takes us to the camp where we meet the tough chick (and her shotgun and knife), two blondies (which seem rather close), the shy, nerdy girl, and another blonde chick. One by one, they get plinked off in slasher movie fashion, but not before throwing in a zombie twist, and an ending where evil once again prevails.

As with most horror shorts, several things remain unanswered: who is the killer? where did he/she come from? why does he/she kill? And, the biggest question, why was this called Cannibal Cheerleader Camp, when there isn’t the slightest inkling of a cheerleader present? Maybe there’s something I overlooked, maybe there’s something beyond the sex, boobs, lesbo shower scene, cute chicks, and blood that I missed? Or maybe, it was just a cool title that couldn’t be let go? Who really knows, but I liked it, and although it had all the major elements of a good horror movie crunched into a short running time, I’d really like to see it expanded into a longer feature. Now maybe a full-length feature isn't warranted, but something with a more character and plot depth, more great visuals, more explanations, and more of the essentials (gore, sex, and nudity).

Thanks to Paul at Ten Sundays for sending this. I really hope to see a longer feature in the near future, and if it’s not Cannibal Cheerleader Camp, then I’m sure it’ll be just as entertaining.

ACTING --3-- HUMOR --2--


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K-Fleet said...

I like it when I've done a movie justice, just gives you that feel-good sensation. This is the director's response to my review:


This just made my day. I think I'll take my wife out for brunch to celebrate. I'm glad you ejoyed the flick and thanks for posting the trailer as well as the amazon link. There are definitely some loose end and maybe a sequel is in order to clarify some things. Keep checking out www.tensundays.com for updates. Thanks for the postive review and let me know if there's anything I can do for you in the future.